Dachshund – Its Physical Appearance

Dachshunds are synonymous to the Hot dogs, which are cooked sausages that are either steamed or grilled and placed in a sliced bun. There is a reason why they are preferred to be called hot dogs because their bodies do appear quite long, not to mention their legs are quite short. They are muscular, long in length and low height to the ground, which is why they are referred to as the “Wiener Dogs.” However, you should not underestimate those short legs are they very powerful, also their jaws. They’ve got those long, flap-down ears and long tapered nose.


Dachshund comes in 2 sizes, miniature and standard; and come in 3 coat varieties which are long haired, wire haired and smooth. They have this smooth yet loose and elastic skin. Their feet are also unusually large for having such huge bodies.

Weight and Size
The standard sized dog Dachshund has a weight between 16 to 32 pounds while the miniature sized one comes between 11 pounds and below.

Standard size is between 8 and 9 inches starting from the shoulder, while the miniature size is about 6 inches from the shoulder.

Color and Coat
The Dachshund breed comes in 3 variations which are long haired, wire haired and smooth. The Coat of the smooth variety comes in smooth, shiny and short, in a variety of patterns and colors, too. The single colored comes in either cream or red. Two colored come in gray, fawn with cream or tan markings, black, chocolate, gray or blue and chocolate. The Dappled color ones have this dark base coat that has lighter markings while the Brindle Dachshunds come in stripped patterns all over their body. Lastly is the Sable patterned Dachshunds, wherein their hair comes in two tones with dark colors showing from the roots and grow out lighter at the ends of it.

The wire-haired variety has a soft undercoat and a thick topcoat. The most identifying characteristic of a wire haired is their scruffy and short beard. The color patterns of this variety are similar to the Smooth Dachshund.


Long haired Dachshunds have long, wavy hair that can be very silky when it is properly groomed. It comes in the same color patterns with the Smooth Dachshund, too.

Grooming Needs
Smooth Dachshunds do not need much grooming, not to mention they do not have much of that doggy odor. Wirehaired needs regular brushing to keep their coats free from matting and debris. Long haired ones need regular bathing, and their hair must be blow dried if you want them to look their best.