Dachshund – What are this Breed’s Strengths?

See those dogs with long bodies and short legs? Those are called Dachshunds, also known by other names such as the Texel, the Doxie, the Dachstein, the Sausage Dog, the Wiener Dog and the Hot Dog. You’d probably be surprised if this dog were the inspiration behind the food hot dog. The Dachshunds are hound type of dog breed wherein they are bred for the purpose of hunting badgers and many other animals that love to dig tunnels underneath the ground such as foxes and rabbits.


They are comical and loving dogs. And just like most dog breeds when they are socialized properly with other dog breeds and with humans, they make great companions for the family. They will stay true and loyal to their partner. Other loving characteristics of the Dachshund breed is that they are adorable, playful, intelligent, lovable, loyal, feisty, cuddly, and low maintenance.

It does not even require much exercise, except when you overfeed this breed. Although it is low maintenance because they are short haired, it is still a must for them to be groomed. They might need to wear a sweater during the cold winter days, too. The long haired Dachshund types need brushing to prevent matting, especially around its ears and elbows. Wire-haired Dachshund types do not need any sweater during winter, but the coat needs some brushing, especially if their hair is soft. Tangles and mats must be eliminated from their coat before they are bathing.


The temperament of a Dachshund depends on the coat they have. The smooth coat is usually confident, bold and alert. The long haired ones are timid and reserved, not to mention they require patience. The wire-haired dogs are the most stubborn, friendly and active.

The Qualities of a Dachshund
They are always curious, bold and always up for an adventure. They love to dig and hunt, track by scent and always going to the ground after a game. They are independent, but wouldn’t hesitate to join in the activities of the family they belong to. They are good dog breed for children, but mostly in its family. They sometimes snap at children that are strange to them. Most of the time they are reserved from strangers and even bark. The long-haired type is quieter, and the wire-haired ones are more outgoing. The miniature Dachshunds are prone to get timid.