How To Have Fun When Playing With Your Dachshund

If this is your first time adopting a cute puppy dachshund then you will be wondering what are you going to do next? If you have done your research properly in regards to the health care of your pet, the time to train your pup and the investment you need to purchase the amount of stuffs that will help you care and raise your puppy, then you think you got this in the bag right? Well, not entirely. You may have everything prepared and ready but what happens when you have an energetic puppy that is constantly moving around and barking. The pup must have been trying so hard to grab your attention right? So, what are you going to do?


Are you going to indulge yourself and play with your pup? Because playing with your new puppy will help foster a bond and friendship between the two of you. The puppy will recognize you as its owner, its master and provider but also friend and family-pack. The constant attention that you will give to your puppy, the puppy will recognize you in the instant it laid its eyes on you.

If you have wish to no more or want some ideas in regards to playtime with your puppy then here are some suggestions.

1. Watch your puppy’s reaction. If you watch your puppy play then you will take note all the interesting reactions from your pup’s face. Puppies tend to explore their surroundings and they express their emotions with their goofy little faces. You might grasps some things about what your puppy likes to play with.

2. What happens when he’s a bitter? If your pup is a bitter then here’s what your going to do. Bitters are a bad habit to be developed wit so it is better to cut it as soon as possible. Let your dachshund pup know that biting or expressing aggressive behavior is a no-no.

3. Learn the things that your dachshund likes. At some point the pup will learn to develop its preference so take advantage of that and use it to spend time with your pup.


4. Play with the puppy first before introducing it to other kids. Once you know what to do when playing with your baby dachshund puppy you are ready to let the kids have a go with the dachshund. Be sure to let the kids be aware of the things that they shouldn’t do when playing and intervene as you can if something went wrong.

With these suggestions now you have an idea on what to do. Having a fun time with your puppy is a lovely thing to do. The more you interact with your puppy the more your puppy will grow to associate you as family.