Personality Traits of Dachshund Dogs

Dogs are the type of animal that you can train to fetch a ball, sit or shake their paws with. They are fast, has strong scenes of smell and they bark at people who they are not familiar with and they could also bight. They are also known as “Man’s Best Friend” in most parts of the world. There are a variety of dogs in the world. The Dachshund Dogs is a unique type of dog who has short legs and long bodies. You may have already heard of the name “Wiener Dog”, that is exactly what a Dachshund Dog look like.


The Dachshund Dogs are like hunting dogs due their developed scent, chase. They can also flush out badgers, rabbits and other burrow-dwelling animals. If you’re worried about your friends, family and kids fearing of the Dachshund Dog, you don’t have to worry because these breaded dogs are fun-loving and playful. Your kids, family and friends are sure to love these dogs. The Dachshund Dogs are intelligent dogs as well with a fifty percent ability to follow command. If you love hunting as well, this dog is your best companion. They also have loud barks and are very loyal to their owners. That would mean, you can trust these dogs.

The Dachshund Dogs can be playful since by nature they are burrowers, which means, they are likely to go into blankets, cushions, beds and other household items. These dogs are energetic as well and they can be more fun loving through the years when you introduce them at a very young age, at least they will be familiar with their new home. These dogs are clever as well and courageous and lively.


You would never get bored with this dog. They also are very tolerant but make sure your children won’t be too aggressive on them. These dogs, besides being loyal, are devoted to their owners so make sure you give them attention.

With the Dachshund Dogs, you will have an exciting and fun day every day. They are loyal, devoted, fast, have great sense of smell, fun-loving, playful and are protectors of your home since they will bark on people they are not familiar with. How they look is also very cute since their height is quite short. Besides being a stay home dog, they can be used for hunting animals in the forest so if you enjoy hunting they are the best companion.