Simple Steps In Grooming Your Dachshund Properly And Thoroughly

If you have a Dachshund as your pet then you got yourself a lot of work to be done. Caring for a dog is not only time consuming but it takes a lot of your patience to train the animal properly and money for their food and their health. It is also high maintenance job especially when it comes to cleaning and grooming your dog in order to maintain its fur coat shiny and in good condition. But that doesn’t mean you don’t love your pet. There is a reason why you own a dachshund pup in your house and you already know what it entails when you adopted it.


Let’s talk about bath time or how to properly groom your dog in order to get the perfect hygiene. After all having a dirty mutt running around your house, tracking mud all over your carpet floor is horrifying and a lot of extra work. It is very important to give your dog bath time and also, the pampering that they need. The good thing about dachshund is that they are not difficult to clean them. They are the easiest dog breeds in regards for caring and grooming.

Here are the simple steps to properly groom your pet dachshund properly and thoroughly.

1. Brushing their fur coat. You have to give the time to constantly groom your dachshund’s fur coat. If your dachshund have long hair, then brushing their fur coat regularly (while short hair; twice a week) can help you remove the stray, loose hair that fell off whenever they shed. If your dachshund has short hair, then it will be easy for you to brush their hair without having your comb get tangled up.

2. Clean out their ears carefully. Cleaning their ears is part of the grooming process. At some point in time, dogs tend to have earwax gathered in their ears and will slowly coat them until the need for them to clean it out is required. Dachshund’s ear should be pink, not red, so be sure that you take out a wash cloth and wipe their ears gently and carefully.

3. Give them a good warm bath. The important thing in regards to perfect hygiene for your pet dachshund. Bath time. This is an important process to give your dog a thorough bath in order to wash out the grim, mutt and dirt on their fur coat. A clean dog is a happy owner.


4. Trimming their claws diligently. If you notice that their claws are longer than they usually are, then you know what that means. Having their claws trimmed helps give you and your dog safety and comfort. For you, as the owner, having your dog accidentally scratch you with their long nails will hurt you, so trimming them will help prevent that.

Now that you got everything ready. You know which body part to clean and which area that is important to take note off. If the dog is well washed and well groomed then the dog be happy, and if the dog is happy thanks to their condition then the owner is happy of the result as well.